Videorecording Meetings

Videorecording Meetings, by Brian P. McLean,

In Washington State, owner associations are still private organizations. As such, they are not subject to public open meeting laws of the State.

There are two kinds of association meetings, board meetings, and owner meetings over which the board presides. Obviously owner meetings are open to the owners. Board meetings for non-condo associations are generally required to be open to the owners (there are some exceptions).

Washington State makes it a crime to record a private conversation without the consent of all participants (with some exceptions not relevant here). Consent can be obtained through notification and the absence of protest.

Owners and associations, acting in an abundance of caution, would probably rightfully prohibit the recording of a meeting without the consent of all those attending.

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  1. punintended says:

    Does Washington Condo Law require that all Board Meetings be posted to the Association publicly, though the Association is a private entity? Are there laws preventing board members from meeting without the knowledge of the full board (ie 3 of 5 members meeting “casually” to discuss condo business)?

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